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Quality Management

Doosan Vina Haiphong has a continuous focus on quality and quality will be built into all internal processes and involves all employees.

It is the quality policy of Doosan Vina Haiphong “to furnish high quality products and services to its Customers”. It is Doosan Vina Haiphong’s goal to provide total Customer satisfaction in accordance with contractual terms, technical and quality provisions, relevant codes, standards, regulations and demands of regulating bodies. 

The Customer’s needs are Doosan Vina Haiphong‘s foremost goal. It is the objective of Doosan Vina Haiphong to achieve this goal through the implementation of efficient, reliable, technically superior and cost effective methods of production. Doosan Vina Haiphong is committed to production of high quality products which ensure Customer satisfaction while maintaining a measure of profitability sufficient to ensure Doosan Vina Haiphong’s role as an industry leader through continuous improvement of our processes.

Our quality assurance system, was established to ensure our quality policy is implemented properly and our targets are achieved successfully. The quality policy and the requirements of Doosan Vina Haiphong QA Program are required to be understood, executed and maintained at all levels in the Doosan Vina Haiphong organization.

All general managers must ensure that the proper resources are used and that adequately trained and qualified people are involved in any activity that may affect service and product quality. Doosan Vina Haiphong maintains an open stance on the identification of quality issues. Employees who discover quality problems with products or services or have a suggestion for improving quality are required to notify their direct supervisor or the Quality Assurance Dept.

The General Director of Doosan Vina Haiphong has the authority and responsibility to resolve any conflicts which cannot be resolved by the QA Dept. General Manager. Such resolutions shall not conflict with quality assurance plans, codes and contract terms.

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Our Belief

Our Belief

The Doosan Way is our philosophy for the next 100 years of growth. It is the spirit flowing through our people.



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